Why Career Minded Millennial Artiste With Entrepreneurial Spirit Are More Successful In Creating Their Future...

As a Singer Songwriter and Modern Artiste, YOU must transform from just wanting the Dream to being the creator of your dreams, your brand ID and becoming the provider of your music and seller of your merchandise to your audience. The longer you wait to start selling and promoting YOU, then the longer it takes to build your foundation for music business success. Start selling your product's everyday.

Have a list of fans? Sell to them. Have a blog? Sell on it. Have a Facebook page? Sell on it. You get the point! Everyday you must be selling. Everyday you must be doing an income producing activity. Everyday perform a fan building task.

Private Artiste Newsletter Monthly Is Premium Content To Engage The Community Of Career Minded Entrepreneur's Looking To Develop Longevity Within Today's Modern Entertainment Business. Inside Private Artiste Newsletter Membership - Topics:

  • Action plans to build personal momentum.
  • Step by step personal growth blueprints.
  • Tips on creating successful media marketing campaigns.
  • Building a strong brand and discover the importance of having one.


  • Tips to implement for continued progress.
  • Personal networking skills and techniques.
  • Short and long term goal tips
  • Ideas for audience growth, merchandise and product creation topics.

        Experience A Major Shift In Crafting Your Future  

        To achieve success your mind-set MUST change. You must understand that you have to become the entrepreneur, the seller, the brand, the business and the creative director of You.

        If you are still in the "I wish I could be him or her" mindset and constantly fixated with who the next Idol or Voice will be, then this will have to change. Be yourself and become the next voice.


          About the Author

          Myron Bernard, I am a Music Career Advisor, Entrepreneur and Private Artiste Mentor.

          As a former Personal Manager for Hollywood’s go-to-list of musician’s and backing vocalist to the stars, after many crazy year’s of managing and consulting legendary high-end, world class, music directors and musicians, such as;  Rayford Griffin, Nate Watts, Herman Jackson, Rob Bacon, Lynne Fiddmont, Terry Wollman, Vel Lewis and many others. I’ve been fortunate enough to have worked within the upper echelon of the Music Industry for well over 20 years: providing personal and tour management services and support. Touring for many years throughout  Asia, Scandinavia, Europe & America with major artist and independent talent. ie. (James Ingram, Stevie Wonder, Greg Phillinganes, Lynne Fiddmont, Quincy…)

          My personal passion is to provide "Success Training For The Career Minded Artiste" To make my experience's, mind-set secrets and strategies available to the Modern Artiste.

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